Saturday, 7 December 2013

End of expansion

So we are nearing the time that expansions end.  The beta will be out soon and then all will be WOD. So what to do in the meantime. .. LFR with the druid wife :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Date night

A restful sleep after a hard nights levelling with the wife - note being a man I get more bed...

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Shagrad's Transmog Competition 23/3/2013

Today was the first competition (of hopefully many). Judges were myself and Sfengali (our GM). Entrants and winners as follows

Halren (1st prize 1000g).  Varied matching set with a nice weapon counterpoint
  • Red Pointy Hat (Netherstorm)
  • Crimson Silk Shoulders (Tailoring)
  • Mageflame cloak (World drop)
  • Staff (Dire Maul - Quest of Athen'a) - personal fave
  • Waterfall Handwraps
  • Mage-Fury Girdle (Slave pens)
  • Coldwraith boots (random drop LK expansion raid)
Lavarush (2nd prize 500g). Lots of effort on a difficult to obtain set
  •  Shoulder, Chest, Hands and Legs of Tier 5 from Sepenshrine and The Eye raids - not an easy run
  • Feet - Husk Shard Sabatons (Quest - Death to the Traitor King - Azol Nerub)
  • The shield was different for the event having the nice simple metal and single gem in the centre
Shamba (3rd prize 250g). Wonderfully simplistic matching Blue set complemented by a dragon pet
  • Brood Killer Shoulderguard (Quest - Brood of Seldarria)
  • Powder Burn Vest (Q - Explosives Shredding)
  • Bloodstained Twighlight Belt (Q - Something to wear)
  • Severed Druid's Leggings (Q - The forest Heart)
  • Fancy Footwork (Q - Dances with Grimtotem)
  • Main Hand "Meatface Pummler) - (Q - You Too, Brute?)
  • Off Hand "Vibro Shanker" - (Q - Cutting your teeth)
  • Pet - from memory this was a mechanical dragon
Speartooth (runner up prize "Lovely Blue Dress")

The first prize was hard fought between Halren and Lavarush 
Thanks to all those of you that came. If you have comments on the format then let myself or Fen know. It would be good to have a third judge so if there are any volunteers let me know.

This link (Screenshots) gives all those I took. for the next one I realise now I need individual shots rather than a group. I have included armoury shots but ones at the time would have been better as Lava for example since changed his shield.

Thanks to all of the participants


Thursday, 3 January 2013

AoE Looting

Well looking for frostweave in Ice Crown and there is a catherdral off to the side. Just pull everything and lo

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Current wow podcasts: Twisted Nether Blogcast, The Instance. I will have to find another soon as I have nearly caught up on both...maybe The Shattering?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Worgens again?

The Worgen Monday night group ended around November last year as I was moving house. This is now over and I am sitting in my new PC spot (very nice I must say)

This Monday just gone three of use got back together and the 4th had connection issues. We instead of Worgening (real word) we attempted Black Temple. With a few changes of classes (three warriors are quite hard to self heal!) we made it through four bosses being stuck on the 5th (Reliquary of Souls)

Next week our 4th member should be back which will help - more updates later

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A year in the life...

So a years sign up - how expeive is that. In hindsight its not as all you have to do is commit to pay not actually pay. So its a winner all round - go for it people.