Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekend update - money...

So my lack of money and the plan to get more in from the last post. Mining and herbalism are definitely the way to go there. Sources are:

Herbalism and Mining on one character
Picking up low quantity items from traders

The best things:
  • Silver - can someone explain why a 75 mining item sells so well?
  • Fel iron bolts - must be a fluke but they sell
  • Herbs - all sorts - see above piccy
A tip I have found. Buy up everything below where you want to place your auctions. As an example copper for some reason on my server is now 6g a stack at 200% so when anyone puts it up for normal price I just buy it all up and put back up for my price.

Have a nice day :)

As an example I picked up 563g in sold auctions on Saturday morning!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Plant or stone

So which should I do... mining or herbalism.

Well the answer was both; with gathermate, gathermate data and routes I now herb and mine at the same time. With some mining gloves which give +5 mining I am well on the way.

I had an evening of mining etc and am up to 155 mining (see mining ding above) and 110 herbalism; I mined 23 silver which is quite good. The only thing I need to do now is learn AOE on my DK so quickly get rid of mobs.

Monday, 11 January 2010

On Death Knights

So I finally re-did my death knight and worked my way through the starting area and out to Stormwind. It was a good ride and very enjoyable - would I do it again... not sure. It compares quite well with the Wrathgate but maybe because I did both so close together the Death Knight was not as epic as I was told. Don't get me wrong though it was fun but it could have been "funner"

So the reason for this character - gold

I had the idea of getting mining and herbage but recently read an article to do mining and engineering to be able to collect eternals from gas clouds.... ooOOOooo what an interesting idea. There were lots of add-ons to get so will have to spend some time setting it up and will need to level a bit as well but should be fun.

... to the copper.......

update.. (later that day after reading up on engineering) too much like hard work... herbing and mining instead....

Saturday, 2 January 2010

I can fly

So Christmas has come and gone and I have to go back to work soon.

The end result is:
  • I have levelled to 77
  • The Dungeon Finder is the coolest thing ever - being a tank I press get group and "bing" I have a group. hem on teh other hand has a 15 min wait as DPS
  • The raid finder is poo as you can't queue for both - I presume they don't want you to bug out of an instance but it would be nice to have a choice
  • I need a new processor/memory/mb combo as my lovely 28" monitor really stuffs up my FPS - I had to turn things down last night as I was getting 1 FPS at one point. So 6gb ram and i7 920 ready for next LAN.

ok thats it for now...