Monday, 11 January 2010

On Death Knights

So I finally re-did my death knight and worked my way through the starting area and out to Stormwind. It was a good ride and very enjoyable - would I do it again... not sure. It compares quite well with the Wrathgate but maybe because I did both so close together the Death Knight was not as epic as I was told. Don't get me wrong though it was fun but it could have been "funner"

So the reason for this character - gold

I had the idea of getting mining and herbage but recently read an article to do mining and engineering to be able to collect eternals from gas clouds.... ooOOOooo what an interesting idea. There were lots of add-ons to get so will have to spend some time setting it up and will need to level a bit as well but should be fun.

... to the copper.......

update.. (later that day after reading up on engineering) too much like hard work... herbing and mining instead....

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