Friday, 29 October 2010

Current scene

So currently I am just levelling Zere on herbing and mining. I finally crossed over to Outland and it was good; bought a flying mount and the skill and I am off.

The patch messed up all of my add-ons royally so that was a pain especially as routes died a death. A bit of fiddling about and removing of the variables in WTF and all is fine again.

I also finally found perfect Dranethyst Sphere's as Tenmos turned up and drops 2-3 each time you kill him - for some reason they seem to be very expensive on the AH (probably just a bit of messing about by an auctioneer person as they only give lvl 60 blues).

Guild life is boring since I stopped tanking and doing any heroics - hopefully when things calm down a bit in December I can devote a bit mre time. The new content will be out by then so we shall see - it may even be live whilst at the LAN which will be good.


Day Blog

I have finally got the internet at work going on something of mine.Its a shame that I can't get it to work on my iPod but there you go.. prepare for more updates (not that anyone other than me reads this anyway)

When I say what a palaver you will hopefully understand as it is just internet explorer and nothing else currently. A shame ...

I found a wholeload of access points using net stumbler as the Trapeze network they are using shows up ther but in WZC it just shows as one network quite nifty. Enough of this non-WOW rubbish

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Well its out - I did wonder about when this was coming. What do I think? Very nice but short in time and still no gnomes

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A new world

I am still struggling with the new skills and have not done a dungeon since 4.01 landed. I have instead just done stuff with Steve on my reputation with the Goblins. I am done with Ratchet and Everlook so just Booty and Gadjet left. Not looking forward to G as that is mageweave.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

OMG patch day

OMG patch day from hell. Actually it wasn't but it sounds good - it was just long. Huge download then extra small download that was torrent only. The torrent took over an hour I presume due to the traffic quantity.

Then to the game OMG what happened to my skills and buttons and bars OMG. I attempted a dungeon but had no skills and was messing about for so long all others left.

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Monday, 11 October 2010


So for better or worse I am now a Bloodsail Admiral woo. OMG what a palaver to get back up to at least neutral with steamwheedle cartel.

Luckily I had about 1400 Runecloth already but my god does the thing take a long time. The dearest had also done the same with Darwyn and got her Bloodsail Admiral but missed out on honoured so would have to regrind to get the rep back down again (i.e. reduce her Booty bay and get the Bloodsail back up to Honoured again).

Luckily when you do a hand-in you get 250 rep with each other faction so thats not too bad.

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