Friday, 29 October 2010

Current scene

So currently I am just levelling Zere on herbing and mining. I finally crossed over to Outland and it was good; bought a flying mount and the skill and I am off.

The patch messed up all of my add-ons royally so that was a pain especially as routes died a death. A bit of fiddling about and removing of the variables in WTF and all is fine again.

I also finally found perfect Dranethyst Sphere's as Tenmos turned up and drops 2-3 each time you kill him - for some reason they seem to be very expensive on the AH (probably just a bit of messing about by an auctioneer person as they only give lvl 60 blues).

Guild life is boring since I stopped tanking and doing any heroics - hopefully when things calm down a bit in December I can devote a bit mre time. The new content will be out by then so we shall see - it may even be live whilst at the LAN which will be good.


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