Saturday, 17 October 2009

It's cold up there

So to Northrend.

I decided that as I was only halfway through the third zone out of seven when I reached 68 that why am I making life so hard on myself. I have stuck to my no-fly rule but decided I am pout of there. That was last night and it has taken this long to empty my bags and quest logs.

So my first impression? Blizzard stepped up the graphics settings as at the pointof appearing in Northrend Howling Fjord I noticed the boat was higher detailed. So an instant graphics upgrade.

I am too low for first aid training or aclchemy but I did get my welcome to better herbalism:

Anyway its a LAN evening with Tom and Steve so more later...

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Time for Battle

Battle net - so I have joined up and expect my penguin in the mail. So is it any good - well it is meant to be a one stop shop for chat, games etc not as much as steam (the Valve - half life etc one) but the little box which said we will tarck all of your communications in and out of game hmmmm...

In the end - I get a penguin so who cares :)

In other news Viv has left her Arena team as her DPS is too low :( awwww
I finally managed to do Hellfire Ramparts - and the Blood furnace but I have more quests in there now - all good fun and 20k xp

Friday, 9 October 2009

Life in WOW

So current WOW family news:

Priest Sunday
Awhile ago Viv and I started priests up to do them together (you know the face melting shadow type with a bit of healing in there too). We said we would only do these together however Sunday's are off the menu currently as Viv's enchanter needs to go up levels. She has found a person around her level and is doing that until she can DE infinite dust - come back after that...

I dinged 66 Saturday and 67 Sunday

I am in the odd situation of following others and I have chosen (for better or worse) not to fly until 70. Now that does mean I do not need to actually buy one at 70 either as moving to northrend means I won't be able to fly until 77 anyway... so do I try for epic only?

Patch 3.3
Buffs to shadow priests - woo
Glyph for Viv - read this Viv and then ask me...

Thursday, 8 October 2009


Just found this whilst planning out my blog. To commemorate "talk like a pirate day" we all go YAARGGGHHH :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

..and so it begins

Well actually it began at Christmas (Eve to be precise). The wife (Viv) was talking to my son about games and the conversation got to WOW (now you must know about WOW - World of Warcraft; the one with lots of people). Anyway she decided to give it a go after we said it was like Spyro and you get to collect things - a lady of simple tastes. Anyway I had tried it at a LAN (read geeky gaming convention) and found it quite relaxing so we agreed to start together.

Lots of installing on her laptop and mine later and we get to login. She got in first and then me and we met online -

Anyway that was then and now 10 months later she has a levl 80 character and is levelling her second and I and slowly wandering up on my first (66 at time of writing). This brings me to the title of the blog..

... Late night why - well due to work and family its when I have normally managed to get online - simple really.

Enough rambling - things to do