Friday, 9 October 2009

Life in WOW

So current WOW family news:

Priest Sunday
Awhile ago Viv and I started priests up to do them together (you know the face melting shadow type with a bit of healing in there too). We said we would only do these together however Sunday's are off the menu currently as Viv's enchanter needs to go up levels. She has found a person around her level and is doing that until she can DE infinite dust - come back after that...

I dinged 66 Saturday and 67 Sunday

I am in the odd situation of following others and I have chosen (for better or worse) not to fly until 70. Now that does mean I do not need to actually buy one at 70 either as moving to northrend means I won't be able to fly until 77 anyway... so do I try for epic only?

Patch 3.3
Buffs to shadow priests - woo
Glyph for Viv - read this Viv and then ask me...

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