Wednesday, 7 October 2009

..and so it begins

Well actually it began at Christmas (Eve to be precise). The wife (Viv) was talking to my son about games and the conversation got to WOW (now you must know about WOW - World of Warcraft; the one with lots of people). Anyway she decided to give it a go after we said it was like Spyro and you get to collect things - a lady of simple tastes. Anyway I had tried it at a LAN (read geeky gaming convention) and found it quite relaxing so we agreed to start together.

Lots of installing on her laptop and mine later and we get to login. She got in first and then me and we met online -

Anyway that was then and now 10 months later she has a levl 80 character and is levelling her second and I and slowly wandering up on my first (66 at time of writing). This brings me to the title of the blog..

... Late night why - well due to work and family its when I have normally managed to get online - simple really.

Enough rambling - things to do

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