Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekend update - money...

So my lack of money and the plan to get more in from the last post. Mining and herbalism are definitely the way to go there. Sources are:

Herbalism and Mining on one character
Picking up low quantity items from traders

The best things:
  • Silver - can someone explain why a 75 mining item sells so well?
  • Fel iron bolts - must be a fluke but they sell
  • Herbs - all sorts - see above piccy
A tip I have found. Buy up everything below where you want to place your auctions. As an example copper for some reason on my server is now 6g a stack at 200% so when anyone puts it up for normal price I just buy it all up and put back up for my price.

Have a nice day :)

As an example I picked up 563g in sold auctions on Saturday morning!

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