Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Into the Nether

Ok reputation. Other than building rep with Stormwind and Darnassus (beinga nightelf and all) I have never thought about it. Hem had fun getting "Son's of Hodir" for those shoulder enchants as I helped her with a couple of quests but generally - of no interest.

Epic flying... oooo... 5000g aghhh
....but if you have Honor hold faction you can have it .. oh wait its changed to Stormwind... weee so I coughed up 4k gold + 200g for a mount and epic I am.

The downside; I have a griffin. Its very nice and all but its a bit boring. Yes it is 280% but at the end of the day its a griffin with a hoody. Also in some ways I think I would have preferred flying to stay at 60% instead of 150% as I don't honestly see a lot of difference in the speed.

So back to reputation and Stevie (yay Steve a mention in my blog) who introduced me to WOW back when I was playing Guild Wars. I lunked my PC over to his place on Saturday night and we gamed and discussed flying so inevitably it went onto what we were flying and he said he was rep grinding.

This (see picture) now one of my aims for the future - a Netherwing Drake

This was Stevie and me doing the reputation grind hence the Orc me rather than Night Elf me :)

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