Wednesday, 8 September 2010


So I dinged 80 and its been awhile. Since then I have geared up as a tank. Completed a whole loads of achievements - including dungeons, holidays etc. Changing guilds; I left High Born which sometimes I regret but the new guild is busy.

Why did I change?
Well High Born is where I started but not a lot is happening - well it wasn't but now they are in ICC .. ugh. In "Nightmare on elf street" (NOES) I chose them because they are the largest guild with Vent a forum and lots of people online. I however am very behind the curve on gear so am not good enough to raid - poo. Also when in raid school I think I managed to wipe us several times so not good. Since then I have been very non-groupy (real word) with other from the guild.

Steve however seems as always to be a steadfast player  - even though he is a bit slow and presses the wrong buttons a lot. Nice enough to be with though which is all that matters.


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