Monday, 29 November 2010

New Zone

So today's zone was Western plaguelands. Since going through it the first time it is refreshing to see it again - the only regret is that I did not do all of the quests previously but hey :)

I used up all of my rested XP so I will probably go back to Zere for awhile and do some more Outland DK fun. The wife has been levelling her DK through Outland and is determined to get to 80 before the 7th which is entirely possible. I really need to get some matching gear for him as he looks like a yard sale but hey.
Finally - "multishot" yup its a goodie of an add-on and I have changed the delay so it gets the emblem of achievement and the chat log.

and me at 40... and a riding skill which is cool... Dreadsteed ..wooo

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